Last journal entry

It will take a while to get to a point where I can write about the journey objectively.    I began trying to wrap it up several days ago, but I have been unable to say what I would like to say in a way that sounds right.  Writing while on the road was a struggle sometimes, but I was always satisfied in the end.  I feel that my efforts now are forced and end up with sentences that are missing something.  I will try again later.   If you kept up with my journal and are looking back now after this long lapse of entries, then the journey meant something to you too.  I hope you found enjoyment in your reading.  If you are one of my new friends I made along the way, thank you for blessing me with your open arms.  I enter the New Year a richer man.  If you were my friend before the journey, then we have had a relationship for some period of time.  I hope you find me better than before I left.   Merrie has always told me I am a good man.   During the journey, I met many people that made me question just how I measure up.  I have decided that goodness is like running.  If you are satisfied where you are, then just keep doing what you are doing.  If you want to get better, then you have to practice.

For the record, I did 2946 miles in 150 days and 7.83 hours.  Of the 150 days, 29 were rest days.

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