Day 117–Cabazon

This morning we were up a 5 a.m.  There are some tricky sections along I-10 and I cannot run this interstate.  We spend some time exploring the possibilities along the interstate and decide that I will attempt the powerline road paralleling I-10 and meet again at exit 111.  From there, I can run the old freeway into Cabazon.  The drop off point is 15 miles north of I-10, so I still have a few more miles on Hwy 62 first.  Most of this is downhill and I alternate running and walking.  After passing through Morongo Valley I enter a narrow canyon that is all downhill.  It lasts for a few miles and is too narrow for Roger and Kim to meet me.  I push the downhill and the canyon is over quickly.  The downhill continues for several miles more.  The junction of Hwy 62 and I-10 is at San Gargonio pass just north of Palm Springs.  It is a very windy area and there are are hundreds of windmills here.  A couple of miles before I-10, I leave the highway and take the side road that will lead me to the powerline.  Here I see my first roadrunner.  I have been hearing about this bird but had not seen a live one.  I also saw a covey of Gambel’s quail.  Roger and Kim leave me at the powerline and drive ahead to the meeting place at exit 111.  The powerline road is like most powerline roads and is a steep uphill.  At the top of the hill the road T’s.  Straight ahead is a big drop from the mountain.  Fortunately, a work van drives up and I get more instructions about which way to go.  It’s through a the windmills and down the mountain and then around on the side following the freeway.  I follow these instructions and come to the Whitewater exit.  There I have four parallel dirt roads along the interstate and it does not appear to matter which one I take.  I choose one in the middle and continue west.  After 2 hours I rendezvous with Roger and Kim.  From that point, it was just follow the old freeway with little traffic to Cabazon. 

We come to a good stopping point at 3:30.  It will do us no good to get caught up in rush hour traffic here.  Roger and Kim are leaving this evening and will take me to meet Eric Clifton in Hemet.  I will be with him and his wife Noni for the next few days. 

Today is dedicated to Wayne and Doris Park.  They were my in-laws for many years and I do not think it would have been possible to have better in-laws.   They were more like a second set of parents and I felt often that our relationship was better than the relationship I had with my own parents.  They were good to me and I missed my close relationship with them after the divorce.  Mr. Park died earlier this year and Mrs. Park died this past Saturday.

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