Day 115–Twentynine Palms, Ca

I ate well (interpret as a lot) and went to sleep early last night and this morning went better.  I started at 7:30, walked a couple of miles and then ran 5 of the next 10.  Also, I was out of the big hills and only had rolling stuff today.  The wind came again later in the morning and was strong and in my face again.  I worked hard and had 16 miles at noon.  My goal was the motel in Twentynine Palms and I needed a 30 mile day to get there.  Roger and Kim went to town for lunch and brought coffee and bean burritos back for me.  I stopped only long enough to eat and continued to push the afternoon.  The wind died down some after 3:30 and I ran a couple more miles.  I arrived at the motel at 4:10 and that’s a good thing because the sun was already ducking behind the mountains.  We did a quick trip to the grocery for milk and Burger King for 3 vege-burgers for my dinner.  Roger and Kim went out for dinner, but I like to get “to go”  food for my room so I can eat sooner and get to bed early.  It just takes too much of my resting time to go out and sit in a restaurant waiting for food.

When I started directing races I decided to get my shirts done locally at Sports World.  Even before that, they were making Mangum Track Club shirts for me when I had a shirt run.  The decision to keep the shirts local with Sports World is one I have never regretted.  They have always made sure the shirts were done well and that I was satisfied.  I also feel that we have become good friends.  David, Duff, Andy, and Carolyn, thanks for all the support and encouragement over the years.  Thanks for your friendship.  I dedicated today’s run to you.

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