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Day 115–Twentynine Palms, Ca

I ate well (interpret as a lot) and went to sleep early last night and this morning went better.  I started at 7:30, walked a couple of miles and then ran 5 of the next 10.  Also, I was out of the big hills and only had rolling stuff today.  The wind came again later in the morning and was strong and in my face again.  I worked hard and had 16 miles at noon.  My goal was the motel in Twentynine Palms and I needed a 30 mile day to get there.  Roger and Kim went to town for lunch and brought coffee and bean burritos back for me.  I stopped only long enough to eat and continued to push the afternoon.  The wind died down some after 3:30 and I ran a couple more miles.  I arrived at the motel at 4:10 and that’s a good thing because the sun was already ducking behind the mountains.  We did a quick trip to the grocery for milk and Burger King for 3 vege-burgers for my dinner.  Roger and Kim went out for dinner, but I like to get “to go”  food for my room so I can eat sooner and get to bed early.  It just takes too much of my resting time to go out and sit in a restaurant waiting for food.

When I started directing races I decided to get my shirts done locally at Sports World.  Even before that, they were making Mangum Track Club shirts for me when I had a shirt run.  The decision to keep the shirts local with Sports World is one I have never regretted.  They have always made sure the shirts were done well and that I was satisfied.  I also feel that we have become good friends.  David, Duff, Andy, and Carolyn, thanks for all the support and encouragement over the years.  Thanks for your friendship.  I dedicated today’s run to you.

Day 114–milepost 62, California Highway 62


Roger, Kim, and I left Parker, Arizona for good this morning. By the end of today it would be 80 miles behind us and closer lodging would be in front at Twentynine Palms. It took an hour to drive out to the start but we got up in Parker on mountain time and gained an hour when we drove into California. We started at 7:30 Pacific time. I was tired this morning. The first 3 miles were flat. After that I had a 2 mile downhill followed by a 14 mile climb. The wind was from the north and in my face during the climb. After I topped out there was a turn to the west and then to the south and the wind was no longer a problem. I was able to run a couple of miles after the southerly turn because the road was now headed downhill. Other than the long climb the road and scenery was the same as I’ve been looking at the last few days. I think change is coming soon though. I only have 200 miles to San Diego.

Today is dedicated to Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek. The show fired my imagination in the 1960s and remains my favorite television show of all time.