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Day 112–California!

I’ve been looking across the river at California for two days.  Dan and I talked about it before he left.  I decided then that crossing the bridge would be “the beginning of the end.”  But to not cross the bridge would be to end the journey in Parker and that is not an option.  The only thing to do is finish this journey in the way I intended…at the Pacific Ocean, preferably at Mission Beach.  I do not know how that finish will feel but I do know that I am ready for it.  It has been a long time since July 15.  Merrie has stood by patiently all that time and allowed me to pursue my dream.  She has supported and encouraged me and dealt with things at home that should have been my job.  It is time for me get back home and be her husband again.  And that job can be a lot of fun!

Roger and Kim came in yesterday.  We had breakfast and I started from the motel.  I crossed the bridge and stopped at the California state line sign for a picture.  Shortly after that the rain began.  I wore my jacket but it was too warm so I changed into a wind vest.  The vest was not quite enough in the heavy rain but there were only brief periods of that.  The first 10 miles out of Parker were really rolling with lots of small ups and downs.  The rain continued until about noon.  At 16 miles I passed Vidal Junction.  The next buildings or houses will be in Twentynine Palms, 92 miles west on Hwy 62.  With the rain stopped and the road now flat, I made good time the rest of the day and finished with 27 miles.  The clouds hung around all day making the usually bright and hot desert a cool place.  The mountain tops were invisible and their dark sides were mostly purple.  It was the first time I have seen the desert like this and I spent some time looking at it and taking pictures.  I doubt that it will stay this way long.

Today is my daughter Erin’s birthday.  I could write pages about Erin!  She came home from Thailand in September and I have not seen her yet.  I look forward to seeing her and her husband Tong soon.   Today is dedicated to you Erin.  We have a lot of catching up to do when I get home.  Happy Birthday!