Day 111–Parker, Az and the California!! border


Sunday, November 23

Dan and I ate biscuits from Burger King and headed out to Bouse. He dropped me out just before 8 a.m. I walked a half mile and then ran 6 miles without any walking. It felt good even though my legs were tired. The scenery is dry desert just like all the last two weeks except there are less plants and even few cactus here. The only things that seems to thrive are creosote bush, dirt, and rocks. There is little ground cover. There are still a few cattle so I assume that further from the road or possibly after a rain there must be more for them to eat. The good part of today is that I am heading toward the Colorado River and that means mostly downhill. As it warms up I alternate walking and running. Traffic really picks up about noon so I take advantage of four wheeler trails when they are available. I arrive into Parker just after 3:30 and meet Dan at the Dairy Queen. They close at 3:30 today but Dan has convinced them to wait for me. I have a large pecan-cluster blizzard to celebrate my arrival in Parker, my last Arizona town. California awaits just across the river. I finish today with 26 miles at the Bridge Inn in Parker. I have covered 389 miles in the past 16 days without an off day despite the two shorter days caused by the injury. I have two days off in Parker before Roger and Kim arrive to crew me into California. I am thrilled to have a chance to be still for a change.

I was thoroughly checked out today by the Arizona DPS (highway patrol). He was nice but very business like and is the first law enforcement officer to ask for identification. He look it over and called in the number, all the time asking me questions about where I was headed, where I came from, and various trip questions. After he was satisfied with the license, he cautioned me about walking along the highway, commenting on the amount of traffic and their fast pace. I thought at first that he was a little more thorough than necessary, but then remembered that lots of illegals cross the border in the Arizona desert. I can understand why he would be suspicious of a person walking along the highway so far from a town.

Today is dedicated to Saundra and John Smith. Saundra was my first wife and is the mother of our children, Dana and Erin. John is her husband. They are both fine people.

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