Day 110–Bouse, Az

Dan and I had breakfast in Hope and drove back to the start.  I was on the road just before 8 a.m.  Today I seemed to be tired at the start.  It is the 15th day in a row so I guess there is reason to be tired.  Running was not what my legs wanted to do so I walked all day.  At 3 miles I left Hwy 60 and turned onto Arizona 72 toward Parker.  The shoulder immediately got a lot smaller.  The white line at the edge was right at the edge of the road.  I had to be very careful with traffic and watch for passing cars.  They almost never blow their horn and come flying by way too close for my comfort.  After a few miles I noticed a four wheeler trail next to the highway fence about 50 feet off the road.  It was crooked in places and went through the washes adding some ups and downs but much safer.  It must be how lots of locals get to Bouse because it went on for miles and ended in town.  I stayed on the trail and only came out to the road to meet Dan for aid.  We finished with a 25 mile day.  Tomorrow I will do the 27 to our motel in Parker.  It is only a half mile from the bridge over the Colorado River that separates Arizona from California.  

This journey across the U.S. will soon be over.  I have spent many nights in the homes of State Farm insurance agents or in motel rooms provided by the agents at their own expense.  I will contact and thank each of you after I get home but I did want to thank all of you here too.  You have been such a blessing.  I really do think State Farm sends you all to “Nice School” because you are all such good, caring, and generous people.  I might have given up and gone home if I had not connected with you guys in Tennessee.  Then Missouri, Kansas, and Arizona agents all came forward too.  What a story I have to tell about all of you!  Thanks for making my journey comfortable, enjoyable, and successful.  I dedicate today’s run to all of you.

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