Day 108–Aguila, Az

Thursday, November 20

Andy and I slept a bit later this morning since we had a short drive to the start. We went by Burger King for breakfast. I felt like protein this morning so I ordered two egg biscuits with vege-patties on top. While we ate breakfast I posted the latest entries to the journal and checked email. We then headed out to the start and Andy crewed for me until 11 a.m. Dan Hockersmith drove up then. Andy had a plane to catch back to Boston and Dan will crew me into Parker. I will miss Andy. He is one of my best friends and I don’t see him nearly enough. This visit I spent most of my time on the road or in the bed asleep so our visiting took place mostly in the mornings and evenings while he was driving.

During the morning I ran a couple of times for 200 yards or so. It did not feel bad but I was trying to be patient. After noon, though, the walking started to get old. I need miles and running some really helps the numbers at the end of the day. I began on a slightly downhill section and ran a mile. I was careful not to push the pace and to watch my footing. At the end of the mile I went back to walking and could feel no ill effects from the run. I did another mile run followed by a mile walk with the same results. At 5:10 we ended the day just west of Aguila, Arizona with a total of 30 miles. I ran a total of 8 miles of the 30, all of it in the afternoon and my leg seems fine. It’s not 100% yet and I still cannot push off or run uphill but it’s good enough to make a little time of the flats and downhills. The change in pace helps me feel better too.

I have received a number of encouraging emails and phone calls from friends and family since this journey began. Each one helped me keep going. I saved many of the emails in a “motivational” folder and would read them when I was discouraged. Thanks to each of you who took the time to write or phone me. I dedicate today to all of you.

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