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Days 106 and 107–Wickenburg

Tuesday, November 18

Andy and I were up and out of the house by 6:30. I had not paid attention to the drive yesterday but he found the ending spot with no trouble. I had a lot of canal left and it was good going. Not having cars and trucks to worry about let me enjoy the scenery along the canal. The neighborhoods changed and I could see into lots of back yards. Also there were people along the canal getting in their exercise. Shortly after lunch I had to make a decision about the route. Should I stay on the canal to Bell St. or take Cactus St. over to Highway 60? Andy had checked both routes and explained the pros and cons of each. Cactus had the best sidewalks and shoulder so I elected it. I liked the canal better but now I had stores again. Coffee and food were all around. I finished Cactus and now I was on Hwy 60. It would lead me to Wickenburg. All this part of Hwy 60 was developed. There was a Taco Bell for an afternoon snack and a Dairy Queen. Andy and I had pecan cluster blizzards. I went a few more miles, leaving the city, and ended the day. Again there was no good way to calculate the milage walked because the canal and city streets have no mile markers. I’m still unable to run without pain so it was an all-walking day.

Today is dedicated to Greg and Julie West. They were my State Farm hosts in Hutchinson, Kansas. I felt at home in their house and went to my first high school football game in years with Greg. They kept ice cream in their refrigerator and had to buy more while I was there. Thanks, Greg and Julie, for making my stay in Hutchinson one of the finest on my journey.

Wednesday, November 19

Today was a straight shot up Hwy 60 toward Wickenburg. Andy would drive ahead and meet me every couple of miles. Most of the day was uneventful. I tried running again and still cannot. Andy did surprise me with pizza for lunch though. The afternoon was hot again. There is absolutely no shade on the highway and the temperatures are warm for this time of year. Yesterday and today were in the upper 80s. I made it almost to Wickenburg. Tomorrow Andy will crew in the morning and Dan Hockersmith of Globe will drive over to crew for me the next few days.

I have not missed stopping at a Dairy Queen that has been open since I left Sunset Beach. They have all been good and welcome stops. I wish to dedicate today to my friend who runs the DQ in Rockingham. Bill Waterman is such a nice guy. He always greets me with a smile on his face. There’s nothing like a friendly ice cream man!