Day 101–30 miles

This morning Carol had breakfast ready for us.  It was an egg dish called chili relleno casserole and it was good.  I was tired this morning so Anita and I stopped for an extra coffee on the way out.  While I was pumping gas she got the coffee and came back with two scratch-off tickets.  She gave one to me and said we’d share equally in either card if there were winnings.  My card netted nothing.  Anita matched all her numbers and netted $45 which she split with me.  Gas paid for! 

Most of the course this morning was downhill so I started running some of it.  I made goood time and came into Globe about 2 p.m.  I had already eaten a couple of burritos on the road.  But Anita was sitting in the DQ parking lot.  I had a small chocolate dipped cone and took a short break.  Then I went on through a couple of miles of Globe and past Miami for a total of 30 miles. 

Today is dedicated to Catherine and John Neal.  We have a special connection and I love them very much.

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