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Day 102–25 miles to the flat desert

Anita and I got an early start because the drive was short this morning.  I decided early to make this an easy day.  First we passed “Top of the World” and then we entered “Devil’s Canyon.”  In this canyon the road passes through instead of across.  The result is a winding road with almost no shoulder.  This is a major highway to Phoenix so there was lots of traffic.  I had to be very careful watching traffic.  Once I had to jump the guardrail to avoid a car that did not allow for me.  Near the end of the canyon was a tunnel with no pedestrian walk that was about 200 yards long.  I used my flashlight to warn vehicles that I was coming.  Then there was a bridge that was much too high above the ground for me.  I just walked and did not look over.  At the bridge Anita called me to say she was at the DQ in Superior about a mile ahead.  Two cones in two days!  I continued out of Superior and passed through another set of hills before stopping for the day at the beginning of the flat desert.  I am told everything will be flat for several days.  Pine trees are gone now and many kinds of cactus are present including the Saguaro that is one of my favorites because they look like they have arms.  I stopped at 25 miles about 4:15. I usually take Saturday off but will walk tomorrow so I can get closer to Phoenix.  My next crew is leaving Thursday and I want to be out of the metropolitan area by then.  A few extra miles tomorrow will help me with that goal.

All my running friends know that I only have an average gift for running.  My finishing times in races are always at the middle or bottom of the list.  I am humbled that Anita Fromm would drive from Albuquerque to crew for me.  Anita is a highly gifted runner.  She is the women’s record holder for the double Badwater with Mt. Whitney summit.  That’s 292 miles starting in Death Valley in July to the summit of Mt Whitney and back to the start at Badwater.  She has finished many 100 and 50 mile races.  A person of such gift taking time to mix my Gatorade, run it out to me, put peanut butter on bagels, take my sweaty shirt back to the car…. I have thoroughly enjoyed her help and her company.  Thank you Anita.  Thank you Tim.

Day 101–30 miles

This morning Carol had breakfast ready for us.  It was an egg dish called chili relleno casserole and it was good.  I was tired this morning so Anita and I stopped for an extra coffee on the way out.  While I was pumping gas she got the coffee and came back with two scratch-off tickets.  She gave one to me and said we’d share equally in either card if there were winnings.  My card netted nothing.  Anita matched all her numbers and netted $45 which she split with me.  Gas paid for! 

Most of the course this morning was downhill so I started running some of it.  I made goood time and came into Globe about 2 p.m.  I had already eaten a couple of burritos on the road.  But Anita was sitting in the DQ parking lot.  I had a small chocolate dipped cone and took a short break.  Then I went on through a couple of miles of Globe and past Miami for a total of 30 miles. 

Today is dedicated to Catherine and John Neal.  We have a special connection and I love them very much.