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Day 100–Milepost 302 to 274, 28 miles

Dan cooked breakfast this morning.  It was a combination of eggs and hash browns and I had two helpings.  Anita and I ran by the store and headed out to the start.  We had a 50 mile drive and got there about 8:40.  Yesterday I had started the descent into the Salt River Canyon and I had nine more downhill miles to do.  I ran a little but took it easy.  I did not want to trash my legs with the 14 mile climb out today too.  The canyon is awesome and I took many pictures.  About 11 a.m., I reached the bridge across the Salt River and began the ascent.  The walk to the top went well and I was able to run some of the downhill toward Globe.  I finished at 5:00 p.m. with 28 miles.  We were treated to a magnificent sunset and rising full moon.  I took lots of pictures today.  Make sure and check the picture link.

When I was hungry I ate.  When I was thirsty Anita gave me a drink. When I was tired I walked.  When I saw something pretty I stopped and took a picture.  The movie Forrest Gump introduced lots of people to the idea of running across the USA.  I have seen it several times.  I have also had his name brought up many times by people I have met as I have crossed the country.  It is sometimes used as a conversation opener.  I dedicate today to Tom Hanks for his excellent portrayal of Forrest.  I’m going to watch it again when I get home.