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Day 99–Highway 60, milepost 302

Today started of a little rocky.  After a good night’s sleep ar Louis and Sandra Rawlings, we had a few errands to run before starting the run.  First, we both needed our coffee.  Then we had noise coming from the rear of the car and we wanted to find the cause.  We went to the car wash and cleaned all the mud left from yesterday’s snowmelt.  That did not fix the problem and we went to the garage.  The mechanic removed a plastic shroud that was damaged and rubbing against the tire.  We thought that would remedy things but I the noise continued and I found another plastic shroud that was causing the problem.  That was later in the afternoon though.  I finally started running at 8:50.   I was feeling the effects of yesterday’s effort and got off to a slow start.  At noon I had 13 miles.  We left the hilly area and entered the mountains.  I did not stop for lunch  to help make up for the morning time loss but ate walking instead.   Anita was on the job bringing fluids out to me and things moved along well.  I came up to a store about 2 pm and Anita had coffee waiting for me.  That and a series of long downhills prompted me to start running more.  I felt good and it looked like a 27 mile day.  Instead, the downhill became continous and I just started running.  One two mile split was 18:15.  That’s really good…for me.  Just before 5 p.m. I came to mile marker 302 and called the end because it was getting dark and we had a 50 mile drive to Globe to do yet.  The day total was 31 miles.  We have 8 more downhill miles in the morning before I start the long climb out of the Salt River Canyon.

Some days are tough.  Most of the tough ones are mental and not physical.  If you have been reading my journal for a while, you know I can make myself pretty miserable sometimes.  Doubts and insecurities can creep in and I find myself facing my demons.  It’s usually me against me.  During those times I quite often use the cell phone to ring up my friends for some help.  One friend (and cousin) I have called frequently is Marsha Dawkins in Vermont.  Marsha is a great listener, which is usually what I need most anyway.  Her faith is strong and her intuition is excellent.  I have not needed her these last few weeks.  Things are usually going well.  But I have not and will not forget the times her counsel has boosted me along.  Thanks Marsha.  Today is dedicated to you.