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Day 98–8 miles west of Show Low

What a day!  It did snow last night a couple of inches.  The clouds this morning were breaking so there was no more precipitation during the day.  We were out the door after breakfast for coffee and the ride out to the start.  The snow plows had cleared most of the road but unfortunately that meant the snow was now on the shoulder.  The edge between the snow and the traffic lane also had a thin coat of ice on it.  Running the first three hours consisted of running in the road and jumping off in the snow when a car came by.  Traffic was busy but I think that hastened the melting.  By 10:30 the shoulder was clear I could make better time.  The wind was not bad today.  The car did break down though.  The battery died and Anita was unable to crew.  She got a jump and headed to town for a new battery.  In two hours she was back to crew again.  I thought that was good time since we were 20 miles out of town when he battery died.  By 2 p.m. I was coming into Show Low and heading for the Dairy Queen.  I haven’t passed by an open one yet without stopping.  I continued another 9 miles out of town and entered the White Mountain  Apache Reservation.  This part of it looks much like the Sandhills Gamelands where I work.  There are lots of pine trees that I think are Pondorosa pines along with scrubby oak trees and grasses.  I  saw evidence of a prescribed burn and the ground around the snags had been raked cleaned.  I didn’t see any RCW trees though.  I ended the day at milepost 333 with 29 miles for the day.

Herman Forbes is back in the hospital with pneumonia after having back surgery recently.  Herman, please get well soon.  You’ve already had several days dedicated to you and I have others on my list who haven’t had a day yet.  I am praying for you and Laura every morning.