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Day 97–26 miles west of Springerville

Todd cooked eggs and oatmeal for me this morning.  Then he dropped me out at the stoplight where I had ended Friday.  Anita Fromm is my crew this week but she would not be here until later in the morning.  I started up another very scenic climb almost at the city limits.  Several times I stopped to take it all in.  Just before 11 Anita arrived and I retired the pack to the car.  We came back to town, picked up my other gear, had coffee, and went back to the mountain.  Anita is a veteran runner and crew person so things went smoothly from the start.  The climb continued and the wind picked up.  Clouds also rolled in and blocked the sun making things a bit colder.  After topping out I was able to run a few miles and  finished about 4:30 with 27 miles for the day.  We drove to Show Low and located the home of our hosts for the night, Louis and Sandra Rawlings.  Louis is the State Farm agent in Show Low.  Thanks to his son, Nicholas for sleeping on the couch and allowing me his room for the night.  During dinner we heard thunder.  After dinner Anita went to the car and found that it was not raining…it was snowing.  The ground was already white.  It’s hard to tell what we will do in the morning now.

These past few days and weeks have been filled with amazing scenery.  Sometimes the wide open country can make you feel big and little at the same time.  Traveling through this country without feeling spiritual is impossible for me.  It is no wonder that Native Americans fought so hard to keep their land from being taken away.  I dedicate today’s run to all of them, past and present.