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Day 96–Springerville, AZ!!!

That’s right!!  ARIZONA !!  I am in the last state before I get to California.  About 390 miles to the California border.  I guess you can tell I’m just a bit excited about being here.  Tomorrow, though, it will be business as usual.  I’ll go back to a day at the time and keep on plugging.  The excitement will have to wait until later.  There is still a long way to go to the Pacific.

Yesterday (11/07) Todd dropped me out 8 miles back into New Mexico.  I took the pack since there would be no crew today.  It was not too bad since I was only carrying food and water for 22 miles.  It was in the twenties for the first hour or so.  The sun really warms things up fast out here.  I decided that I would not push the pace today and try to recover a bit from the week’s effort.  I ambled along until lunch, found a sunny spot out of sight, and had lunch.  The sun felt so good that I decided to take a nap.  It has been a long time since I took a long nap after lunch.  An hour later I was up and putting my shoes back on, this time in shorts instead of tights and without a jacket.  About 3:30 I made it to town and found a coffee shop where I had a sandwich and really good coffee.  Todd came out to pick me up and we went to his house.  I had about an hour to get cleaned up before Todd and Julie took me out to dinner.  Bridget, Sandy, and Alice, his office workers, joined us.  We had a good Mexican dinner.

I did about 152 miles this week.  I feel good about the milage because this week was a bit more of a struggle because of the hills and cold weather.  I am taking the day off at Todd and Julie’s and will get things ready for a new week tomorrow.  Anita Fromm of Albuquerque will drive over a Sunday and crew for me this coming week.  The weather is predicted to be chilly again and I have been told there are some large climbs ahead.  I’ll be going through the Apache reservation on Hwy 60 and cross the Salt River Canyon.

Today is dedicated to my son-in-law, Ross Cooke.  Ross works hard and really enjoys his time with his family.  He also enjoys working in the yard and gardening.  Ross always greets me warmly and with a smile.  He is a pleasure to talk with and I admire him for his genuine show of interest when someone else is talking.