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Day 95–Red Hill, NM

I slept until 6:25 this morning.  I had my ear plugs in and did not hear the alarm.  Roger and I went to breakfast.  I had a vege-omelet with hashbrowns and a pancake.  I had stopped yesterday at the motel so we drove back there and I started at 8 a.m.  It was 21 degrees but there was no wind so it wasn’t bad.  The first few miles out of town were uphill and I walked them all.  Roger was doing a fine job of meeting me every 2 miles with aid.  I will miss him when he leaves this afternoon.  When I topped out on the hills, I began running the odd miles and managed to run about 6 miles before the uphill started again.  I finished just after Red Hill at about 7500 feet elevation.  There was a section just before I finished at milepost 15 of Hwy 60 that rivals any place I have seen.  How do you compare one beautiful place with another?  Here there were no trees and almost no brush.  The hills were covered in various grasses and the view went on for miles.  All I can say about it is that it was perfect.  Nothing could be added to improve the picture.  I could have stayed there the rest of the day and never tired of it.  But there were miles to go yet.

Roger drove me to Eagar, Arizona to meet my host for the next 3 days.  I will be staying at the home of Todd and Julie Bosen in Eagar.  Todd is the State Farm agent for Eagar.  He will drive me out to Red Hill tomorrow to finish New Mexico and begin Arizona.  This has been one of the tougher weeks. First there were hills and then cold weather and wind.  Roger was always there helping with whatever I needed.  I enjoyed his company and will miss him.

Some mornings I need inspiration to get going.  This one was one of those.  It would have been nice to lay in the bed or cut the day short.  But I do need to keep the pressure on for miles in order to finish before Christmas.  This morning I thought of Susan Dummar and her Umstead finish with the broken foot.  She is one tough lady.  I am healthy.  How could I let a little discomfort stop me?  Thank you Susan for providing the inspiration to push on today.  Today’s run was for you.