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Day 91–Magdalena, NM

Moving the clock back makes it seem like getting up earlier even though it’s not. We got up at 6:15 and went to Burger King for breakfast. The motel did not have wifi so I took the computer in to check email. Breakfast went quickly and I started walking at 7:45. I ran a couple of miles and then started up a long incline. I expected to climb a few miles but the incline turned out to be 2000 feet and 20 miles long. About half way up we got back to the high dessert terrain I have been used to for the past few days. I jumped a covey of quail with about 30 birds and Roger saw his first antelope. I also saw a snake. I don’t know what kind but believe it was non-poisonous. When I get the pictures updated again, one of you wildlife guys can let me know what kind it is. Near the end of the run we passed through Magdalena, historically a mining town but also a cattle destination in the old days since there was a railroad there. The visitor center also is a coffee shop so I had a very good cup of coffee. The I headed out of town for a bit and finished with 28 miles for the day.

Today is dedicated to my friends Regina and David Witherspoon. David and Regina have helped with the Ellerbe Springs Marathon every year since the beginning. They have done almost every job at the marathon and I always know the job they have will be well done. The race depends on good volunteers and David and Regina are among the best. Thanks, David and Regina for being my friends and for your service to the Ellerbe Springs Marathon.