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Day 90–Socorro west city limits, Oct. 31

Eli and I went by Alpine Alley for the last time.  I have enjoyed my brief morning stops here and the conversation.  We headed to I-25.  Most of today’s run would be along interstate.  Eli would only see me at the exits that ranged from 2 to 7 miles apart.  Stopping and aiding me is not permitted on the interstate itself.  I ran every other mile and spent my walking miles talking on the phone.  I’m trying to work out details in the days ahead.  Thanks to Dana and John McRae of Iola, Kansas, I am re-connecting with State Farm agents in Arizona.  I am in touch with Todd Bosen in Eagar and will be there by the end of the coming week.  Roger Coan will be crewing this next week and will leave Thursday.  I will continue by myself and meet Todd in Bosen.

I finished the day in culture shock.  Socorro, NM is the largest town I have run through in several weeks.  I have been to Albuquerque by car on week-ends, but that does not have the effect that coming into a larger town on foot can have.  I have been running through smaller places, most with 500 to 1000 people.  Socorro has all the fast food places and lots of motels, a super Wal-mart, and lots of restaurants.  The strip I ran is the main drag through town and was about 2 miles long.  I saw the end of a fight and 2 wrecks on my way through.  I went to the far end of town and ended the day.  Eli and I headed to Albuquerque where he will fly out in the morning. 

Eli and I have had a good week.  He enjoyed meeting his namesake, Little Eli, my dog stick and companion since middle Tennessee.  Eli is my commander-in-chief when I work at the Troy Depot.  What that means is that he is “The Man.”  During my time working in Troy we became good friends.  He is a conscientous and caring supervisor who is always willing to listen to other’s ideas.  We occasionally have times to talk of things other than work.  We think the same on some things and quite differently on others.  I find our discussions enjoyable and interesting and when we differ in thought, sometimes enlightening.  It’s always good to see things from someone else’s viewpoint.  Eli has helped me by being willing to offer his.  Thanks, Eli, for an enjoyable week in New Mexico and for being my friend.