Day 89–4 miles past Bernardo

We went by Alpine Alley again.  I have not been in a nice coffee shop in a long time, so this one is a real treat.  I had coffee and an omelet again along with more conversation.  I also ordered a sandwich to go, for lunch.  This time a couple of people called me by name.  Eli and I hung out there about 45 minutes but finally had to leave so I could get some miles.  It was almost 9 a.m. when I started running.  There was a mile down to the flat and then 18 more flat, completely straight miles to the interstate.  I ran/walked the first 10 miles.  Yesterday we found a tack in one tire.  It was losing air too fast, so at 10 miles I donned the pack and Eli set out to have the tire fixed.   He was gone about 2 hours.  During this time I went by several houses and trailers that have seen better days.  I took a picture of one and called it Barter Town after the Mad Max movie.  At another, ten dogs came out to the road!!!  Thankfully, most were pups and only 3 were a threat.  I snatched little Eli out of my pack and prepared to defend myself but a woman came out of the trailer and called the dogs back.  As I went by she said, “Nice day for a walk.”  I replied that it sure was and she said, “Do you want a smoke?”  I declined.  I don’t know what that was about, but it’s the first time I’ve been offered a smoke in a long time.  I wonder what she would have me smoke.  Shortly after, Eli showed up with the tire repaired and I made it to I-25.  I continued another 4 miles and stopped for the day with 24 total miles.

Today is dedicated to Meg DeMay.  She is married to Merrie’s son, Matt.  Meg works full time as a social worker.  She also has two active sons.  At anyone knows, a husband, children, and a full time job are lots of work.  Meg gives them all her best.  She is also a kind and considerate daughter-in-law and a pleasure to be around.  Meg, Merrie and I appreciate how special you are.  We love you.

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