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October 30

Pictures updated today.

Day 89–4 miles past Bernardo

We went by Alpine Alley again.  I have not been in a nice coffee shop in a long time, so this one is a real treat.  I had coffee and an omelet again along with more conversation.  I also ordered a sandwich to go, for lunch.  This time a couple of people called me by name.  Eli and I hung out there about 45 minutes but finally had to leave so I could get some miles.  It was almost 9 a.m. when I started running.  There was a mile down to the flat and then 18 more flat, completely straight miles to the interstate.  I ran/walked the first 10 miles.  Yesterday we found a tack in one tire.  It was losing air too fast, so at 10 miles I donned the pack and Eli set out to have the tire fixed.   He was gone about 2 hours.  During this time I went by several houses and trailers that have seen better days.  I took a picture of one and called it Barter Town after the Mad Max movie.  At another, ten dogs came out to the road!!!  Thankfully, most were pups and only 3 were a threat.  I snatched little Eli out of my pack and prepared to defend myself but a woman came out of the trailer and called the dogs back.  As I went by she said, “Nice day for a walk.”  I replied that it sure was and she said, “Do you want a smoke?”  I declined.  I don’t know what that was about, but it’s the first time I’ve been offered a smoke in a long time.  I wonder what she would have me smoke.  Shortly after, Eli showed up with the tire repaired and I made it to I-25.  I continued another 4 miles and stopped for the day with 24 total miles.

Today is dedicated to Meg DeMay.  She is married to Merrie’s son, Matt.  Meg works full time as a social worker.  She also has two active sons.  At anyone knows, a husband, children, and a full time job are lots of work.  Meg gives them all her best.  She is also a kind and considerate daughter-in-law and a pleasure to be around.  Meg, Merrie and I appreciate how special you are.  We love you.

Day 88–30 more miles

It seems we’re always getting a late start so I guess I should stop calling it late since it seems to be the normal start.  This morning we went looking for breakfast and found Alpine Alley, a coffee shop serving breakfast and lunch.  A vege omelet with toast and coffee was five something and was very good. The owners Scott and Mary are very personable and locals come in for conversation as well as food.  I met Dave, a guy who rode his 10-speed bike from Oklahoma City to the west coast in 13 days back in the 1960s.  I also met Pam who owns The Rock Motel here in Mountainair.  We are looking for a place here since the next motel west is about 60 miles. Pam called Melita, the clerk at the motel, and she had one room.  We liked it so much we took it for the 2 nights.  And she gave us a discount! 

My stomach did not feel like it had recovered from yesterday but I decided to push hard anyway.  I ran every other mile for the first 20 miles.  I did not eat and drank only water hoping my stomach would feel better.  In the end it did.  I finally ate lunch about 2:30 and then walked 10 more miles for a total of 30.  We left the flats and went through a 20 mile section of mountains today.  It was strange but nice to suddenly climb and have lots of cedars and pinion pines.  The mountains ended as suddenly as they started though, and we are looking at miles and miles of flat ahead.  Eli had a good day-he saw his first jack rabbit.

The minister at West Rockingham Methodist when I was a teen was Lee Phillips.  I really liked Mr. Phillips even though this was a time in my life that I thought all religion was a farce. Mr. Phillips was always nice to everybody and I remember the sincere way he always shook my hand.  He was a gentle and caring man who would ask you how you were and listen to your answer.  I also knew Mr Phillips outside the church.  His son Al and I were friends so I was often at his house.  His nature was the same at home as at church.  Later, when I no longer went to church, I still enjoyed seeing and talking to him.  Shaking his hand continued to be a pleasure.  I dedicate today’s run to Mr. Phillips, to the minister he was, and to the man he was.  I wish there were a lot more like him.