Day 85–Vaughn, NM

Saturday I went with Ed to the airport.  On the way he took me by REI where I bought some new insoles and Bodyglide.  My old Spenco insoles were flat in the toe area.  The Bodyglide this time has sun protection and I’ll be using it on my face as well as the other areas.  The air here is dryer and there is always wind and sun.  My face has been ok until New Mexico but is starting to get very dry and scaley.  We also stopped by Walmart for Gatorade and some bagels.  At the airport I met this weeks crew, Eli Beverly and we headed back to Santa Rosa.

Sunday morning Eli and I picked up some biscuits and ate in the car on the way out of town.  I was running about 8:45.  My goal for today was Vaughn.  I alternated running and walking every mile.  The day was warm but not bad.  We saw lots of antelope and a covey of quail.  The views here are spectacular!  There is enough up and down to see over the surrounding area for miles.  We passed a wind farm with 80 windmills.   They were visible the entire day’s run.  I entered Vaughn about 4:30 and ran on through the town stopping at west edge on Highway 60.  I finished with 28 miles.

Fred Dummar, you are a special guy.  I have seen you run hard and push yourself.  I have also seen you run with others and help them meet their goals.  In both cases your attitude is always positive and encouraging to those around you.  You like being successful but you seem to enjoy others success as much as your own.  I am sure you are the same in your military career.  It is obvious that your are a man of honor and integrity.  I count myself fortunate to know you.  I dedicate today’s run to you.

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