Day 84–12 miles south of Santa Rosa

This morning I have 14 miles of I-40 to do.  Ed drops me out at Cuervo and I head out.  He cannot crew for me on the interstate but there is an exit halfway between the start and Santa Rosa and we make plans to meet there.  There is a lot of traffic on I-40.  Also, there is a fence along both sides of the road.  The fence and the lack of vegetation make cover for bathroom breaks hard to find.  Fortunately, there are culverts and I can get most of me out of sight.  An officer of the NM Highway Patrol checked on me.  Pedestrians are not allowed on the interstate but after I explain what I am doing and that I have permission he is very nice.  I don’t mind being checked on because sometime I made need their help.  He had been advised that I would be coming through and it makes me feel good to know that the word is out.  I will have a section of I-25 to run in a few days.

At 12:05 p.m. on I-40 just east of Santa Rosa I got a surprise.  I usually look at the drivers of vehicles as they approach, especially semi’s.  They are always nice and respond to my waves.  This semi’s driver was  none other than Elvis Pressley!  He had the hair and the glasses and the face.  I know he is suppose to be dead, but I’m not so sure anymore.  What better place for him to hide than as a long distance trucker?  Shortly after that, I fell for the 4th time since leaving the Atlantic.  I was not hurt.  Entering Santa Rosa, I met Ed for lunch at Subway and then ice cream at DQ.  I haven’t missed a DQ yet that was open!  I was glad to be done with I-40.  I had a short nap when I passed our motel and continued out of Santa Rosa until sunset.  This was my second 30 mile day this week and brought the week’s total to 162 miles.  Running late in the day paid dividends.  Just before sunset we saw antelope and deer along the roadside.

Today is dedicated to my friend Don Covington.  Don is a veteran of all 17 Ellerbe Springs Marathons and countless other races.  He is a big supporter of local races and the MTC.  He is also a very generous and humble man, and a pleasure to know.  Thanks, Don for being such a good guy.

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