Day 82–Tucumcari + 14 miles

We went by McDonald’s for biscuits and then out to the start.  I was running at 8:15.  I’m not sure of the temperature but it was cold enough that I wore a long sleeve poly-pro shirt, my Gore-tex jacket, fleece gloves and hat.  The clouds looked to be going away but behind them were more to block the sun’s heat so it stayed cold all day.  I was in Tucumcari at 10:45.  We took a few pictures and Ed went for a sandwich for me.  I headed on through town but he met me soon and I had lunch.  I finished the other 4 miles to I-40 and got my water bottle from Ed.  He would not be crewing along the 8 miles of interstate but would meet me at the next exit 8 miles south.  This section of I-40 and another just north of Santa Rosa I have been given permission to run by the highway patrol because there are no frontage roads.  There is construction along this section so I was able to either run behind traffic cones on the shoulder or in the west-bound lane which was entirely closed.  It was nice to not have the fast traffic close to me.  At exit 321 the frontage road starts and I moved to it for the last 4 miles of the day.  The frontage road is old Route 66 and will be my route until it ends about 14 miles north of Santa Rosa.  I took several pictures in Tucumcari and also one of a tarantula so make sure and catch up on the pictures. 

Thomas Smith is my mechanic.  I used to do more of my auto repairs but cars have gotten more complicated.  I don’t know how long Thomas has been doing my work but it has been a long time.  In that time he has always been kind, helpful, and reasonable.  I never have to worry about unwanted repairs.  He has also become my friend.  Thomas, I appreciate the good work you do and the friendship we have developed over the years.  Don’t ever retire.

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