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Day 81-approaching Tucumcari, NM

The good long day yesterday took its toll today.  Also the wind was brisk and in my face all day.  I worked hard and managed to walked 25 miles.  I did see my first rattlesnake of the trip and some beautiful swallow nests under a bridge.  The pictures have been updated so you can see both.  I don’t know why the snake picture is so dark.  On my camera viewscreen the picture is well lighted and very plain. 

Today is dedicated to Lindsey and Teena Parsons.  They are good friends and have helped with the Ellerbe Springs Marathon since its beginning.  Most of the time they work an aid station or two but they have also helped with traffic, registration, and the finish line.  Lindsey also helps me with the Boogie Races.  They are both very capable and I know when they are working a station it will be done well.  I am blessed to to have them as friends.  Thank-you Lindsey and Teena for all the good work.