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Day 80–New Mexico!…!…!

I’d like to introduce my crewperson this week.  His name is Ed Carlson.  He lives in Damascus, Maryland with his wife Gwen.  We met 20 years ago on the first day of my first Appalachian Trail section hike.  He was the first thru-hiker I met.  I saw him occasionally during that week.  We have stayed in touch over the years and developed a good friendship.  Ed and Merrie are also friends.  He was one of my 2 best men at our wedding.  It has been a while since we have visited and I am enjoying our week together and the chance to catch up on the happenings in our lives.

We were up very early this morning and I was running at 8 a.m.  At 10:30 I entered New Mexico and set my watch to Mountain Time!  We are now 2 hours earlier than home.  I alternated running and walking again today, this time for the first 6 hours.  I took one break after lunch for 30 minutes and finished after 9 hours with 30 miles.  I saw 2 new animals today; a quail with some fancy headgear and a tarantula.  I went into the brush hoping to flush the quail and get a better look but it was gone.  The tarantula was crossing the highway.  I helped it cross so it would not get run over. 

There is so much to look at here.  I am sure I see lots more than those who are driving through but also sure I miss lots too just because I am focused on moving and making miles.  Today is dedicated to Sigurd Olsen, a conservationist and author of the mid-1900s.  Among his books is “Listening Point”.   He had a special place he spent much time contemplating nature and other things of interest to him.  By being still in his special place he could see and understand things that otherwise would be missed.  Perhaps we should all be still some times and see those things about us that are missed in our hurry.  It does seem that the slower I go the more I see and learn.