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Day 77–7 miles south of Conlen, Tx–pictures updated

My legs were tired from yesterday and did not like running so I walked today.  The weather was good.  I wore a long sleeve shirt and wind vest most of the day.  I was expecting gentle wind behind me from the north but instead it was from the south and made the day more challenging.  I saw more jack rabbits today and several pheasants.  Rick made a trip to town at lunch and came back with coffee, a vege sub, and chocolate chip cookies.  I went until 6 p.m. and finshed with about 27 miles.

I am going to miss this country.  I am still in the Great Plains.  This part is even less populated than west Kansas. The past few days I have been passing large ranches and the few towns are small.  There are fences along the road with cattle and some horses in the distance.  Back home in North Carolina we keep cattle and horses in pasture.  Here pasture just is not the correct word.  Pasture  cannot describe the size of the area I have been looking at.  It is huge and open quite often with a home in the distance that’s 2 or 3 miles off the main road.  The cattle are scattered and only seem to congregate around the old style windmills that pump water for their trough.  Often when I top a rise in the road I have to stop and just take it all in.  I can only imagine how it felt to be here before we added the towns and farms.  Being on foot here makes me a part of something huge but very small at the same time.  I have heard some people here talk of feeling claustrophobic with all the trees and buildings in the east.  I have never felt that way before back home but that may change now. 

Herman is still on my mind today.  I hope and pray the surgery went well.  He is such a good man.  Please continue to pray for him.