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Day 76–10 miles into Texas

We got up to find stars and a bright full moon with no clouds.  What a welcome site!  I was running by 8:30 alternately running and walking every 15 minutes.  I kept this up most of the day.  Rick was on the ball crewing bringing me coffee, sandwiches, and Gatorade regularly.  He also walked with me several times in the afternoon.  We entered Texas about 2 p.m. and continued another 10 miles.  The weather was cool enough all day for long sleeves.  The whole day was a welcome relief from the past few rainy cold days.

Herman Forbes has been mentioned here before but he is such a good friend that I am dedicating today to him too.  Herman has been having been having back problems and will have surgery tomorrow (Thursday) morning at Carolinas Medical Center.  Please keep Herman and his wife Laura in your prayers.