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Day 75–Just south of Guymon, OK (Oct.14)

This morning we were earlier and decided to do a fast food biscuit for breakfast.  The sit down breakfasts are taking too much time.  It was raining again  this morning and 41 degrees.  I had nothing but the cotton gloves Rick gave me, so we went by the hardware where I found some good fleece gloves.  I also bought a “Hot Noggin” for my head.  It is a helmet liner that is waterproof and fleece lined.  It works great in the rain under the hood of my jacket or by itself for cold wind.  We then headed out and I was running by 8:30.  There are no mile markers along the highway in Oklahoma so I alternated running and walking every 15 minutes.  By noon we had made the 14 miles into Guymon.  I was so cold and wet that I stopped for lunch and to warm up in the motel.  Rick had been by Taco Bell and had 3 burritos waiting for me along with some coffee.  Then I headed out for another 4 miles before calling it a day.  Rick and I spent the rest of the afternoon watching TV and went for Chinese dinner.Like Sunday, today was a messy day.  I was checked on by one patrolman and offered 6 rides.  The 5th person to offer me a ride did catch my attention for a minute.  She was nice looking and in her 20s.  Her sweater was too small though.  Too bad some of you 20-something  wildlife guys were not here!  I think she was disapointed when she saw me.

Bill Bowerman died Friday.  He is famous for wrecking his wife’s waffle iron designing soles for running shoes. His innovaive designs helped spark the running boom.  He also coached many runners at the University of Oregon and wrote “Jogging”.  I am sure all runners owe him a debt of gratitude.  We would be a lot fewer in number and probably have a lot more injuries without his contributions.  I ran today to honor him and thank him for those contributions.

Day 74–Just south of Hooker, OK

Rick and I were up at 7 and off to breakfast.  By the time we had eaten and drove out to the start it was 8:40.  We were we expecting a wet, cold, and windy day but the wet part never happened.  I made good progress and Rick joined me several times.  I saw my first jack rabbit today.  At first I was not sure what it was but when it stopped and stood up where I could see its ears, I knew what it was.  I did not realize they were so big and fast.  They’re as big as Stanley!  Later we saw 7 at one time feeding on the wet grass.  The sign announcing the city limits of Hooker gave us a good laugh.  It has a madame painted on it.  I had coffee there and went another 4 miles before we stopped for the day.  We went back for a picture of the Hooker sign.  I bought a half gallon of milk and drank it down in 5 minutes.  Then we drove off to Guymon to find lodging and dinner for the night.

Shirley Lassiter is an MTC member and a veteran of the Ellerbe Springs Marathon.  She is almost always at club events as a volunteer.  At the Ellerbe Springs Marathon she has called splits, helped with the start, worked registration, helped at the finish, helped with awards, and helped at aid stations.  She can do it all.  At other club events she can be found working the aid stations.  When we have a shirt run she is usually either participating or picking up the pizza and sometimes both.  All this help is often going on while she is watching grandchildren too.  Shirley, you are one of the hardest workers and most loyal members in the club.  It is always a pleasure to work with you.  I dedicated today’s run to you.  Thanks for all you do to make the Mangum Track Club the special group that it is.