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Day 72

I awoke today not feeling good and stayed that way through the whole run.  I don’t know if I was tired or dehydrated or just having a bad day.  My mood struggled. Merrie ran out to meet me several times and that helped but I still could not get into a good mood.  About 1 p.m. I stopped and headed in.  We passed a store though and I had a coffee and decided to go some more.  I still did not feel good but managed to make another 8 miles before heading to town in the car.  It was the windiest day yet in Kansas and would have been hot except for that.  Also we had 5 miles of road construction that prevented Merrie from reaching me in that area.  I was glad the day was over and hope for a better one tomorrow.  It is 25 miles to Oklahoma and I would like to cross the border while she is with me.

Today is dedicated to Bill Parsons.  Bill was the burn boss for my first 4 years at the Sandhills Wildlife Depot.  Bill is a good leader and knows his way around a fire.  But the most impressive trait Bill has is his coolness.  He maintains that cool even in hairy situations and always is able to make necessary decisions at the right time.  I have told others that if there are people somewhere with their finger on a nuclear button, I hope they are just like Bill.  Smart, cool, and not too hasty to with their decisions.