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Day 71–Meade, Ks

Today we got up on time, ate breakfast, and I was running at 8:45.  I was a little stiff but there was no soreness from yesterday.  I walked the first 3 miles and then settled into a routine of alternately walking a mile and running a mile.  The afternoon got hot but I continued the routine until about 3 p.m. and walked the last 4 miles into town.  My feet were really sore from all the pounding.  Tomorrow I am going to try changing shoes after lunch to see it that will help.  I will be glad to be moving on from Meade.  All of our meals are at the local truck stop.  There are few choices that come without meat.

Back in the mid-90s we were introduced to a new runner.  He was a co-worker of Mark Long.  Mark got him interested in running and he joined the MTC.  His name was Mike Sellers.  Mike was a very nice guy and we all liked him.  He was new and not fast but he was exploring his limits like the rest of us.  There was no reason for him or us to think he would not be around to run with the club for many years.  Then tragedy struck.  Mike was murdered.  For a long time we did not know many details.  Those we eventually found out were terrible.  Mike had been cut short in his life.  But he is still in the Mangum Track Club.  Check the list and you will see.  I am glad we continue to honor the members that are no longer with us.  Our memories keep them alive.  And I thought of Mike during today’s run.

Day 70–Mineola, Ks–October 7

Merrie and I drove from the Albuquerque airport to Meade, Ks Monday.  Much of the drive was along the route I will run.  Tuesday morning we slept in and got a late start.  We drove to Dodge and I started running at 10:45.  I have no pack to carry now so I ran most of the day.  I have been mostly walking for many days now so the running muscles were slow to get going.  The road is mostly flat though and the day was cool so I was able to get 20 miles by 3:30.  I stopped there and we drove back to Dodge for dinner.  It is nice to run again and not have the pack.  It is wonderful to have Merrie here!

Today is dedicated to Shelby Sherrill.  I know she had a joint dedication awhile back with her husband Frank, but Shelby is deserving of a day all to herself.  She is the nicest lady you will ever meet.  She is always interested in what you have to say and will probably have  something baked to offer you while you talk.  She is a very good listener (of course she has to with Frank around).  I have never heard her say anything bad about anyone.  She is also capable of handling Frank.  On occasion when he gets a little carried away, Shelby will say, “Franklin”, and he will immediately calm down.  Shelby, thanks for being such a nice lady.  You set the standard for the rest of us and we admire you so much.