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Day 69–Dodge City

Bill Ramsay picked me up for breakfast again.  I had an omelet and hashbrowns.  There seem to be no grits in Kansas.  I started at Bellefont and headed toward Dodge.  The windmills I saw yesterday and thought were just ahead took an hour to reach.  Then I walked with the lines of windmills beside me for another hour.  Finally, I reached Spearville.  I was not hungry yet but did stop for coffee.  Soon after leaving Spearville, the windmills fell behind but they were visible for miles.  I came to a place just before Wright Kansas that forced me to stop.  I was on a small rise (there really are no hills here) and looked off to the northeast at an unlimited horizon.  The land and the sky disapeared together just like the ocean and sky do on a calm day.  I could see man-made things in the distance but, just like looking at ships on the horizon, could not see enough details to tell what I was looking at.  I continued on to Wright, had a Coke and chips, and then on into Dodge City.  At the junction of Business 50 and Hwy 400, I called my State Farm connection, Oscar Obando.  Oscar took me to a motel where I cleaned up and then out to some good Mexican food.  Since I would not be running again for a few days, I celebrated with a couple of Dos Equis.

The next morning Oscar picked me up at the motel at 5:15 a.m. for the drive to the Amtrak station.  I rode the train to Albuquerque Saturday and will spend the evening and Sunday morning with my friend Ron Vaughn.  Then I will pick up Merrie at the airport and head back to Dodge. 

There are few people who love running as much as Claude Sinclair.  Claude has been running as long as I have known him.  He has also been a race director many years and is the founder of the Runners From Hell.  His races reflect the joy of running. There are no big expensive medals or trophies for age groups.  The glory is in the doing and finishing.  Pure and simple, it really is all about running and the fellowship with others who are working and sweating at the same time toward the same finish line.  All of Claude’s races celebrate that core essence of running and competing.  Claude, I salute you for not letting us forget the real reason we run.  I dedicate the day into Dodge to you.